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Warhammer 40K


SUNDAY 18th August

40K Doubles

A one day doubles tournament.
1000 Points per player / 2000 Points per team
A maximum of 1 detachment per 1000points
Psychic powers, warlord traits, artefacts and any stratagems that are to be used are to be added to your army list submission.
Thematic Bonus
Each team counts as “Allies of Convenience” for the day. Each team will fit in one of the three following tiers –
Tier 1 – Two completely seperate armies sharing no keywords.
Tier 2 – The two forces will share a common sub-keyword (ie – Adeptus Astartes ) but can be two different factions (Space Wolves / Dark Angels) Armies in this tier will share a pool of command points. However standard rules for using them still apply (one use per phase etc.)
Tier 3 – Both forces share ALL keywords (ie – both players are running Snake Bites) These armies will not only share a pool of command points but can also use psychic powers, warlord traits, artefacts and any stratagems on each other as if it is one army.
Normal list building restrictions apply.
Codex’s & FAQ’s
The rules regarding Forgeworld and Warhammer 40,000 8th edition source material (Codex and Index) valid up to Sunday 24th March. (for example, if a codex is officially released on the 25th of March it will be invalid for this event. (All current Games Workshop and Forgeworld FAQ and Errata will be in effect for this event. Note this does include the Spring FAQ 1/ Fall FAQ 2 and any other Beta rules (tactical reserves/ beta custodes/ Bolter Discipline etc) and does not apply to the 2-week cut off period for Index and Codex release).
Objective Secured
Unless specified otherwise, all battlefield role TROOP units gain the objective secured special rule. This rule follows the same rules for the likes of “Defenders of Humanity” rule in the Space Marine book. TROOP units hold an objective even if there are more enemy models within range, unless that unit has a similar rule.
Objective Markers are to be considered flat discs, and as such are only able to be captured at ground level (for example, you cannot sit on a higher level of a ruin and hold an objective, consider your unit more than 3” away if they are on the second or higher level of a multi-level ruin and there are no models from a unit on the bottom level) .
ALL OBJECTIVES are measured from the centre for determining the 3” range. Objective markers cannot be placed inside or on top of any terrain feature. If this isn’t possible, slightly move the terrain the minimum distance until you can, or ask a TO to do this.
A unit can only hold/contest a single objective at one time – you must declare which objective a unit is holding/contesting at the end of the morale phase if a unit could be considered to be holding more than 1 objective.
For this event, the bottom level of Multi-Level Ruins are considered to block line of sight, irrespective if they do not actually do so. This means existing openings such as doors, windows and holes are considered to block line of sight, this does not mean the player can create walls where none exist. Partial windows that may have been blown out would still block line of sight, draw an imaginary line to where the wall ‘would’ meet if it was there. If in doubt, raise a question with a tournament official or your opponent.
The ITC rules for ‘wobbly model’ and ‘Enclosed ruins’ are to be ignored, please follow the rules for enclosed type terrain here:
The Floor is Lava: If a piece of terrain is to be considered an ‘enclosed ruin’ according to the ITC, the inside will count as impassable (so you can still get on top if you have enough movement)
Players are responsible to keep track of their score throughout the game, but a TO will collect the final scores.
Once a game has come to its conclusion, all models are to be left in place, and a TO called. The TO will fill out the final scores slip for each table.
Once the slip has been collected by the TO, no scores can be changed.
Tournament Scoring
The tournament will be won by the team that scores the most tournament points. Tounament points are scored –
10pts – Major Victory (scoring more than double than that of your opponent)
5pts – Minor Victory (Scoring more than you opponent but not greater than double)
3pts – Minor Loss (Losing but not by more than twice as much as your opponent)
1pts – Major loss (Losing by more than twice as many points as your opponent)
Game 1 Scoring
Each player will score points to the value of each enemy unit completely destroyed.
Units that have not entered the battlefield due to deep strike are considered destroyed.
Slay the Warlord, First Blood and Line Breaker are not in effect for game 1.
Game 2 & 3 Scoring
Each player will score points equal to the value of the dice roll for objectives held across the game turns (games will only continue past turn 5 if both players still have units on the table.)
Slay the Warlord, First Blood and Line Breaker are in effect for game 2 and 3. Each is worth 5 objective points.
Players will also keep track of points to the value of each enemy unit completely destroyed.
Units that have not entered the battlefield due to deep strike are considered destroyed. (In the case of a tie this will determine the winner.)
Points scored for objectives will be multiplied by ten by the TO when entering the scores.
Game Length, Tabling & Concession Scoring
Each game will last two and a half hours. This will include set up and deployment.
At the two hour mark the TO will announce “half an hour remaining”, from this point players can only start a new turn if they are certain they can both complete it within the next half an hour.
A five minute allowance will be granted at the end of each game only if the player going second has started there combat phase. If they have still not finished at the end of the 5 minutes the game will end immediately and scores will be taken.
If a player is tabled before the conclusion of 5 turns the remaining player will then play out the movement for however many turns remain (to a maximum of turn 5) to try and secure more objectives.
All armies are to be fully painted to a ‘table top standard’, based completely WYSIWYG. This acknowledges difference in painting ability but does not allow for 3 spot colours. There must be a realistic attempt to paint to a table top standard.
At the end of game 2 please leave your armies displayed so they can be judged for “Best Painted.”
8:30am – Doors open
9:00am – 11:30am Game 1
11:45am – 2:15pm Game 2
2:15pm – 3pm Lunch
3pm – 5:30pm – Game 3
5:45pm – Awards
I hope you all have a great day. Remember this is supposed to be fun for you and your opponent.
Any question please ask either in store or via email – worcesterwargames@gmail.com
Tickets available until close of business Wednesday 7th August.
Lists must be submitted by close of business Friday 9th August.
Either hard copy in store or via PM
Tickets (per team)
Members – £10 per player
Non Members – £20 per player
All ticket sales are final. Tickets are non refundable.
Available in store or via paypal wysiwygwarehouse@gmail.com
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