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Well as expected I haven’t really managed to maintain any kind of regularity with doing a blog but time to give it another bash. Hopefully this time I’ll atleast keep to a once a week schedule.
So as many of you know I recently acquired a rather large Chaos Dwarf army. I paid much more than I should have but considerably less than it was worth.
It arrived Saturday morning, just in time for an Age of Sigmar event I was hosting the following day. I quickly found the points for the army on Forgeworlds website and put together the minimum amount of models I could use to make up 2000 points. The list was –
Shar’tor the Executioner
Bull Centaur Taur’uk
Two 12 model units of Bull Centaur Renders
One unit of 10 Infernal Guard Fireglaives
Dreadquake Mortar
I had no idea just how strong a list it was.
I drew my first game but one the 2nd two and lifted the 1st place!
But more importantly I now have a Chaos Dwarf army made up of the old big hat CD’s from back in the early 90’s. Something I’ve always wanted. But as interestingly painted as they were my main goal is to repaint the army (and probably add some additions to it along the way) This blog is my attempt to keep a regular update of how the army is progressing.
I try to have Monday and Tuesday off every week and that is the time I am planning to use to strip and repaint the army.

Bull Centaurs #1 Bull Centaurs #2 Bull Taurus #2 Bull Taurus #3 Bull Taurus Cannons Chaos Dwarves Blunderbuss Chaos Dwarves Characters Chaos Dwarves Crew Chaos Dwarves Lamassu #1


The first batch have been left to soak in the Biostrip and have come out really well. Minimal scrubbing was needed to get them back to there shiney best. The next lot have gone in and the process goes on…..


Having had an extra couple of hours off last week I’ve managed to get the first CD’s with axes, CD’s with Blunderbuss and the Centaurs undercoated using Army Painters Leather Brown.
On to this weeks progress and I’ve gotten all the skin tones and eyes done on the first 46 infantry models. I’ve decided to go with a pale skin tone for them.



Based in Rakarth Flesh.

Highlight up with a mixture of Rakarth and Pallid Wych Flesh.

Then a final highlight of just Pallid Wych Flesh.

Followed by an all over wash of Reikland Fleshshade.

I’ve put a small amount of Carroburg Crimson on the noses and a touch of Druchi Violet under each eye just.


Missed doing the blog last week but I’ve not been resting on my laurels. I’ve removed the tabs from the infantry I’ve been working on and cleaned off the feet ready for them to be mounted on to the bases. The reds, greens and yellows have been done too.

And speaking of bases I’ve finished the first batch of cavalry bases. I’ve used cork as a base layer to give them a bit more gravitas and then put a piece of the white DAS air drying clay on the top. I rolled it out flat and then rolled over Green Stuff Worlds Dark Rune roller for the runes afterwards. Then after it had dried broke it up into pieces about the size of the cork on the bases. (I found the white clay didn’t dry particularly well and tended to peel apart, think I’ll stick with the terracotta for the future.)
Then I glued it onto the cork and crumbled off the edges with some clippers so it was relatively flush with the cork.


The painting was a bit of trial and error to get the color I wanted. I based them all in Uniform Grey Army Painter spray before darkening the rock with Mechanicus Standard Grey. A liberal coat of Aggrax Earthshade and a light dry brush of Pallid Wych Flesh to finish.
I painted the lava areas with Mephiston Red as a basecoat then covered with Wild Rider Red. I tried adding the oranges and yellows with an airbrush but couldn’t get the finish I really wanted so used a brush and heavily drybrushed Trollslayer Orange, Yriel Yellow and then Flash Gitz Yellow. I used Screaming Skull and a touch of Pallid Wych Flesh to add the brightest (hottest) parts. I then drybrushed up the sides of the rock with Flash Gitz, Trollslayer and Abaddon Black to finish them off.
That’s 10 down and 14 more to do! But Andy there’s only 9 in the picture!!!
Well yes there is. That’s because one of them has had the miniature put on to it.
Here is the very first completed Chaos Dwarf…..

Centaur 1b Centaur 1c Centaur 1d Centaur 1e Centaur 1 Centaur 1a

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