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Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Chaos Cup

Sunday 15th September

The Realms of Chaos welcome you to this years Worcester War Games Blood Bowl Chaos Cup. Races from the mortal realm are welcome and will be sacrificed without prejudice.
Tickets are £5 for members and £10 for non members. PayPal payments can be made payable to: wysiwygwarehouse@gmail.com
Game 1 – 9:30 – 11:30
Break – 11:30 – 12:15
Game 2 – 12:15 – 14:15
Break – 14:15 – 14:45
Game 3 – 14:45 – 16:45
Awards – 16:45 – 17.00
For this event we shall be using the following rules as per NAF guidelines:
The rules in the box (Box) (the Official Rules) Deathzone Season 1 and 2. Teams of Legend. The Errata. The FAQ.
Additionally, we will not be using any Special Play cards or Inducements
At the start of each match you will be able to select from the Miscellaneous Mayhem and Random Event card decks. Shuffle the two decks separately then draw 2 from Random Events and one from the Miscellaneous Mayhem. Choose one to keep and discard the others.
At the end of the first two games the player with the most SPP from each team will be taken by the Chaos Gods and rewarded with a Mutation instead of any other skill. In the case of a tie roll a dice. Roll the D10 to see which skill they have –
1) Big hand: The player ignores enemy tackles zones or Pouring Rain when they try to pick up the ball.
2) Claw: When an opponent is Knocked Down by the player during a block any Armor roll of 8 or more, after modifications, automatically breaks armor.
3) Disturbing Presence: Any player must subtract 1 from their Agility for any attempted passes, interceptions, or catches if they are within 3 squares of the player.
4) Extra arms: A player with extra arms adds +1 to all catch, interception or pick up ball tests.
5) Foul Appearance: The player’s appearance is so horrible that any opposing player must pass a Foul Appearance roll to be able to block him (1/6chance).
6) Horns: a player with horns gains +1 in Strength when he performs a Blitz action.
7) Prehensile Tail: Opposing players must subtract 1 from the D6 roll if they attempt to dodge out of any of the player’s tackle zones.
8) Tentacles: To successfully dodge or leap away from a player with tentacles, the opposing player must pass a Strength test. 2D6 + player’s ST – Tentacles player’s ST. Result 5 or less can’t leave the tackle zone. Action ends immadietly.
9) Two Heads: Adds +1 to all dodge rolls the player makes.
10) Very Long Legs: +1 to interception and leap. Prevents use of the Safe Throw skill.
Each player will be allowed to spend upto 1 million gold in creating their team.
Each player should bring two copies of their team roster with them. One to hand in to the organisers on the morning and another to show your opponent if needed.
We will be using our own casualties table as follows –
2 -1 AV
3 -1MA
4 / 5 Return to play as normal for the next game
6 Return to play with +1 MA and +1 AV for the next game
Teams must consist of between 11-16 players for their starting line up.
Players can earn new skills with SPP between games.
Coaches may purchase a single Star Player for their team. Journeymen are not allowed.
Players can buy re-rolls, fan factor, an apothecary, assistant coaches and cheerleaders in the normal way as per roster creation. These are a permanent part of your roster and will be reset after each game.
And with this being the Chaos Cup everyone can expect a surprise or two throughout the day.
Opponents will be drawn randomly in the first round and then selected via the Swiss system for the following rounds.
You will score the following points depending on the result of the game.
WIN = 3 points.
DRAW = 1 points.
LOSS = 0 points.
Players will need to hand in their results slip after each round and fill in all the necessary information.
In the event of a tie, touchdown difference between tied opponents will be used, then casualties, then the differences of TD and CAS.
The following prizes will be available to win –
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Best Painted Team
MVP (Most Violent Player) The non Star Player with the most SPP
Wooden Spoon
Tickets are available in store or via paypal – wysiwygwarehouse@gmail.com
£5 for members / £10 for non members
Tickets available until the end of Wednesday 11th September.
Refunds will not be issued after this date if you cannot attend.
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