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Worcester War Games had its first official AoS tournament at the weekend. Only a small affair with 14 players running 50 point armies over four games.
I took my Squig army in their first outing to a competative event.
My first game was against Adam with his Stormcast army. I’ve played Adam at the store once before and narrowloy squeaked a win. But he’d learnt and had brought a better list to this game. My dice were average and his were better. It was hard fought but in the end the Stormcast won out 50 – 27
Game two was against Damien and his Khorne Daemons. I’ve played against Daemons a few times before but this time I had a Bloodthirster to contend with. And it got stuck straight in there smushing Skarsnik and Gobbla in turn one. But after that it was pretty much one way traffic with the Manglers eating everything in sight. Eventually all that was left was the Bloodthirster versus a unit and a hlaf of squigs, two units of two herders and two manglers. Should be an easy victory. Alas no. With a mighty heft of its axe the Bloodthirster managed to kill everything but the last Mangler. With just four wounds left the great Daemon was no match to the full health squig and was gobbled down in one. 50 – 40 Squigs win.
Then we broke for lunch and the gloves came off…
Game three was against Dave and his Savage Orruks. I’d played Dave once before too but with his undead. This time I hoped my squigs would eat their greens. And boy did they eat them. I put Skarsnik Command Ability on one of the Manglers so it got a double pile in and with as roll of 18 on three D6 for the one Manglers movement followed by double 6 for it’s charge the game was all but over in turn one. It proceeded to eat Dave’s Warboss, Shaman and all of his 30 strong savage orruk unit. The other two manglers lapped up what was left. Squigs win 50 – 20
The fourth and final game was with Simon and his Ogres. My Squigs would dine well if they won this one. And dine well they did. Simon tried to move to better cover in his first turn but with more demon dice rolls the Manglers were on them and there was very little he could do. Even with four wounds a piece I quickly chewed through them and the game was mine. 50 – 0
With the top two players finishing with a draw that left me 2nd overall. Really happy with that. Had a fantastic day with everyone and enjoyed every game immensely. Can’t wait to play more competative games in the future. The squigs are getting restless. FEED US!!!

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