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SUNDAY 10th July

30K Apocalypse

Brother against Brother. Loyalist against Renegade. Choose a side.
The day will consist of one enormous game of apocalypse set during the Horus Heresy at St Swithuns hall in Worcester.

Loyalist or Renegade, bring up to 3000 points and take part.

Further details to be announced.

We look forward to seeing you there


The dead walk in Warlord Games’ new zombie table top game Project Z.

Project Z Campaign

Each player will start with a crew of up to 8 members.
Each member can have a ranged weapon and a close combat weapon. Two members can also have single use weapons aswell as a standard ranged weapon / close combat weapon.
When you choose a map section you can choose one of two game types – SCOUT or SCAVENGE.

Scout Missions –
Up to 3 members of your gang can go on scout missions. They can deploy from either deployment zone. There will only be a maximum of 3 zombies on the board per spawning point. The zombies will still act as normal however providing you don’t attack them no new zombies will spawn during the game. Your mission is to activate as many objectives as possible and mark their location and value on your map and then leave the board again via your deployment zone.

Scavenge Missions –
Take up to your full gang on a scavenge mission. Choose a deployment zone. The game is then played as normal. The GM will know how many zombies will spawn per turn and when and if the spawning will escalate. Collect as many objectives as you can and return to your deployment zone.

The Campaign –
Play as many or as few games as you can. Each Scavenge mission you can run as many or as few group members as you like or as determind by the outcome of previous games.
Any members of your group killed during any mission is permanently out of the game. New members can be found throughout the course of the campaign.
After each game count up the objectives you have collected and mark down what you have on your roster along with any casualties and used up single use weapons. All other weapons automatically reload between games.

Each map section has 12 objectives.
5X #1
3X #2
2X #3
1X #4
1X #5
Each objective is worth goods for your group.
Each objective #1 is worth two food packs.
Each objective #2 is worth 1 reload for a single use weapon and a single food pack.
Each objective #3 is a survivor.
Each objective #4 is a survivor with two food packs.
Each objective #5 is a survivor with body armour for one of your survivors.

Each food pack you collect can feed one group member. Any members that do not eat cannot go on subsequent missions (to a minimum of three members) Any spare packs are logged in your inventory on your roster.
Survivors can either replenish deminished numbers of add to the mouths you need to feed. When you gain a survivor they can be equipped in the same way as any of your survivors with any ranged and close combat weapons. Add them to your roster
Body armour can be given to any member of the group. It will give them a single additional wound during games. If the character dies the body armour is lost.
As other gangs will also be exploring the map so objectives may be moved or taken before you return to the map section. Any objective taken during a scavenge mission is permanently removed from the game. If a character is holding an objective when they’re killed the objective is dropped where they were when they died and stays there until it is collected.
Help your group survive and thrive or die to the zombie hoard at the door.

X-Wing Event



Worcester War Games becomes a hive of scum and villainy. Teams of 2 running 100pts split evenly 50pts each between the two players.

Kicking off at 6.30pm. 3 Games at 45 minutes per game.

Tickets available in store or via paypal. £3 each for members. £5 for non members.



A non competative day of X-Wing fun.
3 scenarios games played just for fun.
Free to enter. Rule pack on the page.

The Shields Are Still Up!
10.30am – Midday
Battle across the surface of Endor to take down the shields.
Rebel and Scum vs Imperial.
Played on a 6 x 3 board. Rebel and Scum players will fly circuits, strafing the shield generator at the end of the board. Imperial Fighters and gun placements will try to shoot them down before the generator can be destroyed.
Small based ships only.
Basic pilots only for Imperials. No upgrades.
Any pilots for Rebel and Scum.
Shield Generator has 24 hit points, regenerating 4 shields per turn.

It’s A Trap!!
1pm – 2.30pm
Help the Blockade Runner escape the system.
Rebel and Scum vs Imperial.
Played on a 6 x 3 board. Rebel and Scum players must escort the Tantive IV from one end of the board off the other. Imperial Tie Figthers will deploy in two waves, one per 3×3 mat from either side of the gaming area.
Imperials can only shoot the Tantive whilst within shooting range two.
Small and Large based ships for Rebel and Scum.
Small based ships for Imperials.
Basic pilots only for Imperials. No upgrades.
Any pilots for Rebel and Scum.

Best Smuggler In The Galaxy
3pm – 4pm
Get the goods and get them off the board.
Rebel vs Imperial vs Scum.
Played on a 3 x 3 board. Each player can choose a single ship with a pilot and a single upgrade worth no more than 30 points. An objective counter will be placed in the centre of the board. Each pilot will be assigned a deployment zone around the edge of the board. Players will race to collect the objective by landing on it and using their action to pick it up. They must then return it to their deployment zone.
Small and Large based ships.
Single ship with pilot and single upgrade totalling no more than 30 points.

Day Starts at 10am and finishes around 4pm. Times are approximate.


With Version 3 of Privateer Press’ Warmachine and Hordes landing at the end of June Worcester War Games is running the Journeyman League again in store. Each week grow your army, painting and playing games. Points are awarded for painting your models, winning, drawing and loosing games. Whether you’re starting a new army or working on an old one it’s a great way to get stuff painted and learn how to play the new rules.


A 1000 point per player (2000 point per team) Warhammer 40k Doubles Tournament. 3 Games to be played with a mix of Maelstrom and Eternal War missions.

Entry is £10 per person for Worcester Wargames Members and £15 for non members.
Payment to be made via paypal to as a freinds and family payment please.

A list of the army limitations can be found on the Six Up Save Blog found at

Full rules pack available by following this link:


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